10 Best Things to Do In Loreto Mexico

Loreto is a city on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. It’s a secluded city that takes visitors back in time to a simpler time and place. Pro Vacation Group believes it’s one of the best overlooked vacation destinations. 

1. Tabor Canyon Trail Hike

The Tabor Canyon Trail provides rugged terrain and beautiful scenery. The hike is relatively short, and the difficulty is moderate. The waterfall makes it well worth the walk. 

Hike the trail on your own, or sign up for a 3 hour guided tour to learn more about the area while you sight see. 

2. Whale Watching

Pro Vacation Group notes that there are 8 species of whale in Loreto’s coastal waters. The best time to go whale watching is December-March. The Sea of Cortez comes alive with these magnificent animals everyone should see at least once. 

3. Ogle Mission Lorento

If you enjoy historic buildings, you are sure to love the Ogle Mission Lorento. The church was built in the 1600s. It has a modest interior, but the architecture alone makes it worth a visit. 

4. Isla Coronado

Isla Coronado has crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. Pro Vacation Group suggests strolling around the beach, or going for a swim in the pristine waters. The northern end of the island also has a volcano. It hasn’t been active in 500 years, but it certainly adds a sense of adventure and mystique to the island. 

5. Danzante Island

Danzante Island is protected by UNESCO, and an official part of Loreto Bay National Marine Park. If you want to get up close and personal with the local wildlife, this is the place to do it. The island is best known for its snorkeling tours. 

The waters are a haven for tropical fish. You can also see bottle nose dolphins, sea turtles, and manta rays on your island adventure. 

6. Loreto malecon

If you are inclined to urban areas, you’ll love the Lorento malecon. The promenade features ocean views and shopping. The area is perfect for an afternoon stroll, taking in the local sea life, or simply people watching. 

7. Outback Desert Tours

Searching for adventure? Why not go on a desert ATV tour? Beginners can take advantage of riding instruction before the tour. You’ll explore the Baja Desert, the town of Ligui, and the beach front. There’s lots to do and see along the way. 

8. San Javier Mission 

According to Pro Vacation Group, lovers of history or architecture should not miss the San Javier Mission. It’s beautifully designed and decorated with baroque architecture and artwork. It’s an excellent way to et a glimpse of the past and learn more about the local history. 

9. Island Boat Tours

The Lorento National Marine Park has 5 islands. In addition to seeing the different islands by boat, you can snorkel or bird watch. Jacques Costeau called the area “Natures aquarium”. 

10. Museum of Jesuit Missions

Another can’t miss historical site, according to Pro Vacation Group, is the Museum of Jesuit Missions. 6 showrooms showcase 300 years of the Mission’s history, while the Mission itself houses historical documents, paintings, and archeological remains.

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