Tips to keep you healthy, safe, and feeling your best – as you travel this summer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Summer is here and that means many of us are making vacation plans that may include airline travel. Here to give us some tips on how to stay healthy, safe and feeling our best as we take to the skies and explore – are the Urban Housecall Doctors, Dr. Rob and Dr. Karla Robinson.

Tip 1:  Plan ahead. Check the policies/requirements for your local airport and the airport of your travel destination. You’ll also need to know local testing and vaccination requirements (especially if travelling out of the country). You may also need to present proof of vaccination depending on your travel destination

Tip 2: Know your status. While not completely foolproof in preventing the spread of COVOID, consider getting tested or performing an at home test 24 to 48 hours before travelling. Knowing your status before traveling not only gives you a little peace of mind, but also helps you to better trace your potential contacts should you become ill or become positive at a later time. It may also be required that you have a negative test result depending on your travel destination.

Tip 3: Wear a mask. While the mask mandate for travel has been lifted, we advise that you wear a mask while in the airport and on the airplane. COVID rates are still high in some parts of the country and across the globe. When travelling you don’t know who you’re coming into contact with and what their exposure may have been. To minimize your risk of contracting COVID we recommend the continued use of masks.

Tip 4: Stock up. Make sure that you have an adequate supply of any prescription medications or other medical supplies that you will need during travel. Unforeseen circumstances and travel delays occur and rather than be caught off guard, it’s best to be prepared with all of your daily essentials.

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