Tips for Compact Packing of Toiletries when Traveling

When traveling long distances for days, of course, a traveler will bring a lot of equipment to meet his personal needs while on the trip until later they arrive at their destination. Generally a traveler carries enough clothes, supplies of food or drinks, and don’t forget to bring the Toiletry Bag. It can be ascertained that female travelers carry more equipment than men, for example self-care equipment such as makeup and toiletries of various types and uses

Often too many types of toiletry bottles for the purposes of the trip or later at the destination for a traveler. When it is necessary to make a placement of these toiletries that are not strategic so that it is troublesome for the owner, not infrequently the botl of prepared packages cannot withstand shocks during the trip, so the liquid spills and falls apart.

Toiletries are indeed not the main thing that must be brought. But it can’t be left too. Sometimes, these toiletries consume a lot of space. Relax, this is how to pack toiletries in a concise manner.

Do not just put toiletries in the bag if you do not want to mess. Well, just right, here are 5 tips on packing the toiletries as well as possible:

1. Use a bag with lots of space

Inserting toiletries in a special bag has become a good start. But, still you will be confused when in a hurry to find a toothbrush or lotion.

In order to not need to disassemble the contents of the bag while in a hurry, try to use a toiletry bag that has a lot of space. So you can separate which equipment is used in the bath and after bathing.

2. Packing first

Rush packing is the biggest enemy if you want to travel with a light bag. Because you don’t have time, then all the equipment you just used will just be put into the bag.

Avoid things like that and pack them first. In this way, you can choose small bottles that can be inserted, rather than having to put one large shampoo bottle into the bag. In addition, you have time to adjust the space in the bag so that it can be neater and not wasteful of space.

3. Don’t dispose of sample items

Sometimes in malls or shops, you will be given a sample of an item. Maybe when given, the item doesn’t feel important. But it will change in value when traveling. Small sized bottles feel much more valuable than the bottles in your bathroom.

If you feel confident about the product, it’s okay to bring samples as toiletries. But if not, you can remove the contents and refill them with the usual shampoo or soap.

4. Don’t use too many items

At home, you may have a series of hair treatments. Starting from shampoo to conditioner, or even hair tonic. In order not to bother, avoid bringing it all. Just bring a shampoo that has a conditioner.

You also don’t need to bring mouthwash if you have brought toothpaste. This will make your bag lighter and the holiday more simple.

5. Use products provided by the hotel

If you are going to stay at a guaranteed hotel, you will provide toiletries, forget about bringing all the toiletries. Instead of being heavy, you don’t have to carry all the equipment. However, if you have special needs such as a special toothbrush, make sure to bring the object. Some toiletries that you can bring are facial equipment products. Because, not all hotels provide and after all, you might not be compatible with the product.

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