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Different Methods of Production

There are three main categories of methods of production and these are job or one-off production, batch or multiple items and lastly, flow production or multiple items, all steps in the process at once for individual items.

For job production, this is being used in case that a product is produced with labor of one or more workers and hardly used for bulk production. Primarily, this is used for creating prototypes or one-off products hence also called as prototype production as it’s inefficient. The quality on the other hand is significantly improved when using job production compared to other known methods.

Some examples for this line of production are personalized wedding cakes as well as bespoke suits. As a matter of fact, new small companies use job production prior to expanding or before they have the chance.

In relation to batch production, this is used in processing or producing any product in batches or group where the products in the said batch are going through the entire production process. For example, when a baker has produced different kinds of bread individually and each product isn’t produced continuously. Batch production is used in various ways and suitable to when there’s a need for quantity/quality balance.

This particular technique is frequently used approach for promoting specialist labor and organizing manufacture as more often than not, batch production involves small number of people. When there is big batch of items collectively produced, that is when batch production is used. Every batch is going though one stage of production before it is sent to the next phase.

Now for flow production, this is sometimes referred to as process production in which the product is built from individual stages. As a quick example, the item will be fabricated on different stages and passed directly to another phase where it will be built again. This method of production is actually the most cost effective approach because there is need for manpower in monitoring every part of the process.

Contrary to job production, method boutique manufacturing is basically the best when producing small batches of same kind orders of few units to several dozens of equal goods. The workflow organization of boutique manufacturing company might be the combination of batch and jobbing production but this implements a higher level of standard than job production. Boutique manufacturing is oftentimes organized using single production cells or workplaces to execute series of production steps until the time comes that the manufacturing of components or even the whole product has been completed. Both the variety and flexibility of the product can produced in the entity too.

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