Order Food For Train Journey Without Any Hassle

Are you planning to travel and take a tour of the country via trains? Have you booked your tickets yet? Wondering about what not to miss for the last moment? Have you thought about the food for train journey, are you preparing and carrying along with you? Won’t it be an extra luggage and so? Yes, it would be. Well, the good part is these days you don’t have to think much about the food as there are companies who are providing delivery of food meals directly at passengers seat berths and within time. Everyone is been aware of how the airlines work. The food is in the sky in the planes and when anyone feels hungry, they can ask the air hostess and get the same and for sure that is the tasty ones. There was a time, when travellers think that trains could do the same, considering especially the variety, quality and taste of food. This is true that in flights, only top of the line vendors have associated to cater the food and that is why the quality is actually good.

On the other side, the rail food menu or the meals that is been offered by the local vendors at railway stations or such is not much impressive, with less variety and unhygienic. If it was a case of just filling the stomach, it is a different concern. And in earlier days, most of the people prefer to bring home made food along with them while travelling and so. There is for sure no assurance of the quality and with how much hygiene, the food is been prepared at the railway stations as many of them make use of rejected quality substances while preparing them and giving them to its customers. The big question is that comes across most of the travellers while on the trains is that is the standard of Indian Railways and its catering department has gone down or is been thinking to take initiatives in this direction as well? Supposed to be managing one of the biggest rail networks with zeal, and with the emergence of technology as well, Indian Railways is been putting all kinds of efforts aiming to turn life of travellers smooth and trouble free.

Travel Khana is among the emerging e-caterer that understands the value of proffering good quality food to all travellers planning to travel in the trains directly over their seat berths at extremely cost effective prices. In fact, they have been doing a fantastic job of offering the good food rich in quality and taste that a normal person can enjoy while travelling and that will not definitely make them sick. And for the on-seat delivery and food for train journey, there are no extra charges at all. This is also true that not all players in the industry are been doing so well, as of Travel Khana. Want to know now how to place an order from them? People simply need to logon their site, or download its mobile app or call them on their helpline number, as per the preference and once it is been done, simply require mentioning the respective train name, train number, coach and seat number. Passengers can choose from the wide variety of food meals been offered by them via several vendors and joints available all across metropolitan cities, towns, famous junctions and others spread all over. As per them, they have been meeting diverse food demands of people at about 200 stations all over the nation and across over 2000 trains running all across the country. Even, they have been awarded with different accolades as well for the innovative and creative work they did and have been doing. There is an absolute faith of more than 3 lakh users on them and they are assuring to meet all their demands well. The food parcels that get delivered are prepared from fresh ingredients on one side and on the other are packaged nicely and in well presented way. This is for sure that there will be no leakage, spillage or anything else and the food will be delivered right on the seats, as desired. Even if the train got late by prolonged hours, the order will be cancelled by own and in case, it is a matter of few hours or so, they will keep a track of the same and assure to deliver timely the food. And the food will be delivered all warm and nice so that people can savour up the quality and enjoy the travel to the fullest. So, get food from Travel Khana for your train journey and make it memorable.

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