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How Long Is Marijuana Detectable in a Consumer’s System?

Normally, several individuals want to know about the period weed stays in their system. Unluckily, the response to this question varies. This is because the period is determined by other factors which include how much weed a person has consumed, how frequent the user smokes weed, weight, exercise as well as metabolism and the type of drug test used to detect the availability of the drug in a user’s body.

However, it is good to know that weed can stay for a long time in a consumer’s body. For a person who does not take weed frequently, for example, the test can be positive after ten days of consuming weed.But then, for regular weed consumers, the detection period could be five weeks.

Different drug tests have a different detection period for marijuana. This variation is brought about by the fact that each drug test tests for either THC levels or THC metabolites in the consumer’s body. Since there are many metabolites of THC; most drug tests look for a THC metabolite called THC-COOH. This is because it is the only inactive metabolite which remains in the body tissues for long.

The good thing is that scholars have come up with verified detection periods of marijuana in an individual. As such, this editorial will highlight some of the drug tests carried out to test the presence of weed in a user’s body as well as the detection period.

The first test that doctors use to detect weed in a user’s body is the saliva test. Once a person smokes, inhales or eats cannabis, both THC levels and its metabolites will still be present in saliva after a while.Traces of cannabis can be found in the body of the user after four hours following consumption. But the compounds of THC cannot be detected after 24 hours. For frequent weed users, weed will be detected after three days.

The second drug test used to detect marijuana is the blood test. After consuming, weed penetrated into the bloodstream very fast. For this reason, blood analysis looks for the presence of THC and its metabolites. For a one-time consumer, cannabis will stay detectable in the blood after 12 or 24 hours following intake, but for heavy weed users, weed will remain in their body for about a week.

Lastly, medical doctors like using the urine test for weed whereby they look for a hydrophobic element known as TCH-COOH, which has extended detection window.A person who does not consume weed regularly may show signs of weed in their system after two days of taking weed. However, the detection period for chronic users may be up to ninety days.

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