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Keeping Your Engine In Prime Condition.

The heart of all cars is it’s engine. If it dies, your vehicle dies. Therefore keeping the engine in check, your car will be as healthy as a horse Any small mistake could potentially cause major damages. Delicate care is to be taken if you plan on keeping your car’s engine alive for a long time.

Make Engine Inspections a Regular Habit

Always visually check your engine to see any possible problems that might happen. This will enable you to tell in advance if your coolant, brake, and transmission fluids are in need of change. Regular engine visual inspection can help you foresee and repair any damaged engine accessories before they break down.

Watch The Engine Oil

Over time the engine oil loses its effectiveness. The engine oil will lose its ability to lubricate the engine over time and leave the moving parts vulnerable to friction and heat that can cause damage. This opens up the risk of contamination of the engine by introducing carbon deposits, this will then clog the oil pickup screen and oil filter. This can lead to an even bigger problem which is reducing the oil supply of the engine causing heat that wears out the engine’s moving parts. So it is a good idea to keep your engine oil in check and replace it whenever necessary.

Never Use Just Any Fuel

Always be mindful of the fluids or fuel you put in your engine and remember to always use clean ones. This keeps your engine performing at its best.

Don’t Forget the Battery

The engine and battery are a one two punch. Keeping the battery clean and free from cracks and any dirt to have it the engine running at its best.

Check the Spark Plugs

Keep you eyes peeled for any discoloration on your spark plug and check the distance between contacts. Always use the right equipment, Feeler gauges are the perfect tool and must always be used to check the gap between contacts. It is important to keep the spark plug wire along with the contact clean, and conductive grease has to be added for connection to get better. Damaged plugs are likely to negatively affect engine performance.

Go for the Right Engine Components All the Time

It’s best to choose the right accessories to replace the existing ones.It’s best to consult with your mechanic beforehand. Any faulty part in your engine is likely to totally damage your entire engine.

There are many other tips to maintain the engine, but these ones are considered most necessary. Pamper your engine by providing it with the best maintenance along with the exact accessories at reasonable cost.

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