5 Interesting Things to Do When Visiting China

China is a popular tourist destination filled with unusual and unexpected experiences. If you are booking a trip to China and looking forward to some activities and interesting things that you can add in your China tour package Itinerary, you are on the right page. If you truly want to explore the country, you would surely need a lifetime. When you land to the beautiful landscape, you would be surprised to receive the warm welcome from the people. To make your search easy, we have listed a few interesting things you should include in your China Package itinerary to have a mesmerizing experience ahead. Take a look.

1.  Take a Sidecar Tour in Beijing

Taking sidecar tours is the perfect way to explore the city. Beijing sidecar tours help you explore the capital city of the country and its surroundings, just by sitting comfortably in a sidecar of a motorbike. This will also help you avoiding traffic jams, enjoying the pleasure of a roofless vehicle, enjoying the hilly landscapes of Beijing, admiring the stunning views,  cruising the lesser known markets and hutongs, and savoring a picnic on the mountain of the Great Wall. With Beijing sideways, you may also enjoy the company of an insider, who lives in Beijing and guides you in exploring the city.

2.  Visit Chengdu to Play with Giant Pandas

When booking China tour packages from Ahmedabad, you must add a day in your itinerary to visit Chengdu to play with giant Pandas. China is a home to many big pandas, which is the major highlight of the country. Pandas are so cute that nobody likes to miss playing with them. One of the popular places to see pandas is the Panda Breeding Center, Chengdu. The center is full of many mesmerizing and natural sceneries. When in the Panda Breeding Center, you may feed pandas and help track them. A trained guide will always be there to help you.

3.  Experience Traditional Exercises Early Morning

You can do many refreshing things to start your day when on a China group tour package. Experience rhythmic morning exercises such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong. This is a tradition in China that people usually follow. You will find many groups of men and women gathering in local parks, on the streets, or in residential areas after sunrise until about 9 am to stay fit and healthy. No matter what park you go to in the cities, you will find many people exercising. Such exercises will help you tone your muscles, and might help to improve your body stamina.

4.  Go for Camel Riding at Dunhuang Dunes

Dunhuang in the Gansu province is a city near the Xinjiang border. The city is encompassed with desert, and it is popular for camel rides, sand dunes, and the Mogao Caves, a place where you may explore some ancient carvings and artwork. Camel riding at Dunhuang Dunes in China is a fun way to travel around the landscape. You may also explore Buddhist caves to know more about Silk Road history. Half of your day is enough to plan in your China tour package to see the caves.

5.  Take a Gondola Cruise Tour at China’s Water Towns

Although Venice in Italy is popular for Gondola rides and canals, you may explore much bigger canals in China. You may find many preserved canals on the outskirts of several cities in China such as Hangzhou and Shanghai with old buildings and bridges. It is an activity you must try when on a China tour package from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, or anywhere across India to have a fun-filled experience ahead. When booking a China group tour package, ask your travel agent to include one day tour in your China package itinerary to explore water towns. Make sure that they have included at least two meals in the package that you can change as per your needs.

Wrap Up

If you want to book a family or group tour package to China and looking for some must-do activities to include in your itinerary, consider the interesting things mentioned in this blog. You must book China tour packages at a reputable International trip organizer, experience in tailoring tour itineraries to suit customer’s budget and requirements, to have a hassle-free and fun-filled experience ahead. Before putting your money down, carefully read the China tour package itinerary and terms and conditions to make an informed decision.

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