Why Páros should be your next holiday

If you’re looking for an island destination filled with traditional whitewash architecture, picture-perfect beaches and nightlife to match, then you should consider making the Greek island of Páros your next vacation stop. You could be the mother of three planning a family holiday, a tax lawyer Mississauga based looking for a change of scenery, or a group of college friends. There’s plenty to do within the main towns and by the beach. Whether you’re there to soak up the sun, tour or hit the waves, you can be assured you won’t have a dull moment there.

The places with the most activities are Naoussa and Parikia as they are the main villages in Páros. Due to the size, it is not uncommon to have people turn this into a stop as they head off to other Islands of Cyclades. Those include Antiparos and Mykonos. Some of the islands are also close enough for a person or group to take a day’s trip and be back by nightfall. If you’re interested in seeing the marble architecture the island is known for, consider taking a visit to the traditional villages of Parikia, Lefkes, Naoussa, and Marpissa.

Before you leave, however, ensure that you have checked out the two most well-known beaches, Golden Beach, its counterpart the North Golden Beach, Santa Maria and Kolymbithres. Apart from the sand, sea, and sun, there is much to love about these places. For the adventurous people who like enjoying the ocean and waves, kite and windsurfing and scuba diving will be just the thing for you. If you’re looking for something laid back, the island is known for its nightclubs and beach bars. There are equally family-friendly activities that include spending time by the beach which is safe.

There are two alternatives for accommodation. You could choose to say by the towns or opt for those further out. There are places to stay throughout the entire island and are therefore spoilt for choice almost. Whatever your budget, you can find something that’s just right for you. Options including staying at a hotel, a guesthouse or tenting an apartment. Couples looking to enjoy a scenic and romantic venue will be happy to know they can get a room at a romantic resort or get a luxury suite.

The ideal time to enjoy the island of Páros is last spring when the temperatures are pleasantly warm, and the island is still green or early autumn. As with other places around the world, this time is ideal as it offers attractive prices and the island is less crowded by summer tourists. However, ensure it’s before October because storms are a reality in the later months of the year.

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