Umrah – Its Importance & Rewards

Hajj and Umrah are obligations every Muslim must perform. Umrah is though not mandatory but still everyone tries to perform it. Muslims from across the country plan special trip to the holy cities Makkah & Madinah to perform Umrah. It can be done anytime during the year. These gathering are done at a very large scale, irrespective of the country, color, race or language, all are seen together performing the Umrah. We all know that Hajj is done only during a particular time, Umrah can be done throughout the year depending entirely on you. You can plan your Umrah 2018 well in advance to avoid any kind of hassle in the last minute.


If we talk about stats then in 2017 6.75 million visas were issued to Muslims who went to perform Umrah. There was an increase from 2016 where they had issued 6.39 million visas to the Muslims.

You must do your part of research before you finalize the agent. Travel agents take care of all your arrangements right from visas to your pick and drop from the airport to the hotel and vis-a-versa. Contacting agents in advance will give them the time to find you the best deals with the best accomodation. When you go for a package it will include almost everything like your air tickets, food, transport, comfortable stay, etc. All the agents have curated packages so that the pilgrims don’t have to bother about anything other than performing and taking the Umrah benefit.

Are there Umrah Packages From UK?

Yes, agents that organize for the umrah tour have diversified packages from different places. They also have Umrah packages from UK because there is a good population of Muslims settled there too. They provide tailor made packages that best suit you and your travel needs. They ensure that your trip is peaceful and hassle free. Umrah trips are not cheap, they do cost a lot and hence its the duty of the agent to make all arrangement. Be it a tour package from UK India or elsewhere. The agents provide you with luxurious, convenient and comfortable accomodation to make this a memorable and pure experience.

Importance of Umrah

Umrah has immense importance and rewards in Islam. It is a deed for spiritual purity to all the Muslims. It is not mandatory but is Sunnat-e-muwaqada for them. It a holy deed that their Prophet Mohammed performed twice in his lifetime. It has quite a resemblance to Hajj, hence Hajj pilgrims are required to perform Umrah before going on Hajj. Umrah is known for washing the sins from one’s life after performing it. As narrated by Prophet PBUH he explained how Umrah is an apology for the sins “Umrah is an expiation for the sins committed between it and the next, and hajj, which is accepted will receive no other reward than Paradise.” During this period no negative thoughts are allowed, you are supposed to surrender yourself to Allah and see how pure you and your heart will be once you are back from Umrah.

Rewards of performing Umrah

Umrah is an obligation that has many rewards for the Muslims once they perform it. It is a holy service that is dedicated to Allah and every Muslims performs it will zeal and full excitement. It relieves the performer from the sins committed between this Umrah and the last one. It is performed to get forgiveness and live a peaceful life. This is performed with a heart filled with love, gratitude  and desire to seek forgiveness. Devotees travel to the house of Allah in Makkah & Madinah and are rewarded in return. Every Muslim tries to perform Umrah as many times he can to get rewards that is forgiveness and blessing from Allah!.

Umrah is a holy service that every Muslim does and they all get their rewards, however it is not equivalent to Hajj, but it does hold a lot of importance.

If you are planning to do Umrah this year then you must start your planning and get in touch with your agents. The sooner you plan the better results you will get as in you will get accomodation in your choice of Hotel, and you can book a car of your choice. Don’t forget to go through the guidelines once and ensure all things are followed perfectly.


Your Umrah tour can be planned as early as you want benefiting you to get the best deals and accomodations. Early bird gets the worm, which means if you plan before time you might get lucky to get the best deals. Late planning of Umrah might not leave you with many options. Plan your Umrah 2018 and get the best rewards by having your sins forgiven by Allah. Wish you a safe and exciting tour with best Umrah benefits.

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Rahim is a travel writer from Mzahid. He is passionate about his culture and likes to share his views and knowledge with other travellers. He has immense knowledge on Umrah & Hajj and never misses a chance to share it with other pilgrims.

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