Top 4 places to visit in Puri:

Puri is one of the most traditional cities in India and ironically one of the most popular places to visit especially among the religious backpackers and budget travelers. This is located at the Bay of Bengal and this place is well known for its temples and beaches.

Puri is also having another name that is called as the Jagannath Puri. This name is given to puri by just referring to the god Jagannath Swamy temple. If you are the lover of holy places means puri is one of them. It is mentioned in the ancient Hindu books as one of the 7 holy cities in India.

Apart from that puri is also famous for its beautiful looking rivers, beaches and other spots which are fabulous to watch during winters. People usually love to book hotels in Puri to view the awesome beach view. If you are the who loves these things then just experience this incredible feeling in Puri.

Now, let’s get into the top 4 places to visit in Puri.

Top 4 Places to visit in Puri:

1. Puri Beach:

Whether you visit beach in hot summer or cool winters you will always love the experience because it’s the speciality of beaches. Puri beach is one of the best beach to spend some quality time. This is especially the best place to visit among the backpackers and all the budget travellers.

As puri is located at the shores of the bay of Bengal, it is very peaceful while compared to the other beaches. The familiar sight of this beach is the white sand art, crystal clear water and it’s peaceful waves. This special beach is continued to be sacred venue for hindus and they strive to visit this place at least once in their lifetime. The sandy beach and crystal clear water draws number of foreigners to this place. Here in this puri beach visitors can happily browse pearls, seashell and more in beaches sold by the local vendors.

2. Puri Jagannath Swamy:

Puri is famous for the Jagannath Swamy temple. It is the sacred temple which is situated in the heart of the Puri town. This is the most popular and crowded pilgrimage site in Orissa. In fact, it is one of the world’s famous temple of Lord Jagannath who is also called as Lord Vishnu.

The ancient architecture in this temple draws every foreigner towards the temple. This temple is having a lot of history and apart from that this temple represents the Kalinga style of architecture. Puri Jagannath temple is spread over an area of over 4,00,000 square feet. So, this is incredible and should visit place in puri for any backpacker.

3. Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary:

Chilika wildlife sanctuary is one of the major attraction in Puri. Apart from the crystal clear water beaches and holy temples puri is also famous for its wildlife sanctuary. The chilika wildlife sanctuary is maintained across the chilika lake which is Asia’s biggest inland saltwater lagoon. This lake is situated near the satapada in Orissa. Chilika lake has the most significant coastal pool in India, and it is also the second largest slat lagoon in the world after the new Caledonian barrier reef.

The chilika lake is filled with small islands including the most awesome honeymoon island. It spreads across 1,100sq km, and the lake extends from further to the bhusandpur to Rambha-malud. You can find considerable fishery resources in this place along with that this place is designated as the first Indian wetland as well.

4. Sudarshan Craft Museum:

Sudarshan craft museum is another place you have to visit to know about the crafts. If you love creating crafts works means you’ll like this place. Because it is having lots of crafts collection and it is, in fact, the best place for all the art lovers.

The museum is having the old collection of crafts, and it is having crafts made up of wood, stone, fiber, glass and what not you can find all types of arts in this craft museum along with fine paintings as well. In this special museum, you can find out the Buddhist temple which is built in Japanese style.

This place is a must visit the place to enhance the knowledge of crafts and other aspects. All items in the museum are not for sale, so you cant buy them. All you can do is feel them by having a glance at it.

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