The Top Places in the World for Wild Boar Hunting

If you’re an avid hunter and you’re looking to head out in search of wild boar, then you may be ready to expand your horizons and step outside of the United States. While there are a number of states that offer boar hunting opportunities such as Hawaii, California, and South Carolina, there is an added challenge by stepping outside of your comfort zone and hunting in a different country.

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So, which countries are known for wild boar hunting? There are actually a few that stand out for offering excellent hunting opportunities and experiences. Here’s a look at just a couple.


One of the premier places for wild boar hunting is in Italy. The fact that you can find a professional wild boar hunting experience through an outfitter like Rainsford Hunting and then go on to tour Italy on your own makes this an ideal destination. Here, you will get a mix of traditional European hunting combined with Italian hospitality.

You can hunt any time of year, but each season offers its own unique experience. There’s also the fact there are no trophy fees in Italy since wild boars are considered pests who are destroying the prized grapes in the wine fields.


When you think of popular destinations for wild boar hunting, the small country of Montenegro probably doesn’t come to mind, but it really should. Located in south-eastern Europe, the country of Montenegro is small but plentiful when it comes to wild boar. The countryside is lush and rugged and is absolutely filled with wildlife.

The price of the license varies depending on where you plan to hunt, but in general, it tends to be relatively cost-effective. Other animals that you can hunt include rabbits, bears, wolves, chamois, and various birds.


Also in Europe, another great wild boar hunting experience can be found in Belarus. What makes this such a great destination is the fact that 40% of the country is made up of forest, so you’ve got a lot of land to cover. The terrain tends to be marshy and flat, which can only add to the challenge.


Now, if you want to experience excellent wild boar hunting but you don’t want to travel to another continent, then Canada is the perfect destination. It’s important to note that wild boar hunting is not treated the same across the country. Rather, it is approached differently by each of the provinces. You’ll need to do a little research on bag limits, licenses, and the hunting season before you book your trip.

The provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta are the most abundant areas for wild boar hunting and tend to be the least strict since there are so many of them.

Step Outside the Comfort Zone

Heading to another country to experience wild boar hunting gives you a chance to step outside your comfort zone and try something entirely new and exciting. This is just a small look at the many countries that offer excellent wild boar hunting.

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