Reasons to choose Malaga as your next destination

A recent heartbreak or breaking the monotony of your life, vacations can heal from anything that is bugging you. Stop being stuck at this phase, pick your calendar and treat yourself with a trip to Malaga, the place where the famous sculptor and painter Picasso comes from.

Malaga is located in southern Spain on the northern side of the Mediterranean Sea. If this doesn’t sound tempting enough, Malaga has everything you look for in a perfect place for a vacation, from beaches and ports to mountains and forts. It’s just beautiful how Malaga has successfully preserved its past and culture alongside the vigour of this generation.

Here are a few things to do in Malaga right from the moment you step down at the airport.

       1. Costa del Sol.

            Translating to Coast of the Sun in English, Costa del Sol is one of the most happening spots in the whole of Spain. With its marians, water parks and variety of beaches, register your love for water bodies here. The average temperature at Costa del Sol is 20 degrees and sun shines for than 320 days here, making it an apt place for Golf lovers.

       2. Museo Picasso Malaga.

            Are you someone who thrives on art? If not, see yourself becoming a connoisseur of art at Museo Picasso Malaga, a museum dedicated to the legendary Pablo Picasso’s paintings.

       3. Malaga Cathedral.

            Malaga has not only contained but also preserved its history. Malaga Cathedral is one such example. Built over a span of over 200 years, it offers great sightseeing for architecture lovers. Not just this one, there are many such examples such as: Roman Theatre, Granada Cathedral, Alcazaba of Malaga and many more.

       4. Castillo Gibralfaro.

            This place is a really old (built in 14th century!) castle and one of the best in Malaga for sightseeing. Originally built as a fortress, Castillo Gibralfaro has walkable high walls giving you a perfect view of the whole city. So this is the place where you go to look at Malaga as a zoomed out map and really admire the beauty of this province.

       5. Mercado de Atarazanas.

            You will feel like home in a new place only after visiting its local market and while you are in Malaga, Mercado de Atarazanas is that place for you. In this era when marketplace is shifting online at a really great pace, This market is an old-school type with variety of fish, meat and vegetables at their best price. If not for purchasing, go there to capture some rich pictures for your social media handles.

Any good place always has many other things that are worth seeing, worth visiting than what we find written in articles and books. Malaga is one such place. There are numerous other places besides all the above mentioned, worth visiting here such as Port of Malaga – an international seaport, Selwo Marina – a marine park, Iglesia de Los Martires – a catholic church and many other things. Other than these, visit various other nearby places like Arabella, Puerto Banus, etc. at cheap rates in Taxi Transfers. So given all these reasons, when are you planning your trip to Malaga?

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