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Factors to Consider when Giving Healthy Dog Treats

Dog training experts suggest that dog treats provide a perfect opportunity to be in a good relationship with your dog, treat them well and to train them various dog skills. In addition, the treats are easy however the difficult part is to make the dog responds to the command that you are teaching. Training can be fun and exciting if you use the right treatment for the exercise. It is recommended that you give food reward t your pet though caution needs to be taken to control the level of treatment you are providing the dog with since it will start to respond to every activity even if you do not have any treats. For effective use of dog treats in training, it is recommended to use the following tips.

It is vital to find out what your little friend and partner prefers the most, for instance you need to try different meals such as vegetables, fruits, and meats. The different types of meals provide the dog with a more balanced diet.

The treat that you provide your dog with should be of enough quantity. At times the process can be tiresome and costly to provide the treat in large amounts, however, in order to be able to do this, you need to give the treat in smaller portions and offer it to the dog in many intervals. Furthermore, the time that the treat is offered to the dog plays a vital role, you need to treat the dog as soon as he does something good. A dog can also be given treat if they are being trained a new command. However, caution needs to be taken when using the treat to teach a dog a new command since when the dog owner withdraws the treat immediately the dog learns the new command, the dog may give up.

Moreover, when choosing a dog treat, one needs to make sure it’s something that your pet will love and something that’s appropriate to give a dog. For instance, when buying you need to look at the ingredients list, suppose the ingredients comprise of things that you do not identify, then it might not be the best treat for your dog. It is advisable not to keep pets every human food since some can cause harm to the pets. Incase that a dog owner does not know the best food for the dog, they can ask the dog specialty to provide them with a list of them.

One should be cautious when using the treats, never use dog treats to reward an excited, or on a dog that is overstimulated, it is necessary to let the pet sniff the food first, but hold it up away from her and wait since dogs can smell from over about twenty-five feet away, the dog owner does not have to put the treat under her nose. The moment a dog has learned a new trait, the dog owner can try to remove the treats by giving him the treats once in a while.

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