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Basic Components That Comprise the Roofing System

Owning a house requires a lot of responsibility to maintain it in good condition and part of that responsibility is having a better understanding about the basic structures in the house, so that gaining as much information may help you settle well in discussing major repairs or additional improvements in the house with the contractor.

Once a homeowner has a firm grasp of the basic components and structures, he is able to find ways to choose the right materials for his home parts, like for example with the roofing system, knowing about the basic parts may help him decide what better roof materials should be selected. The most important components of a roof are the following: underlayment, flashing, and shingles or tiles.

Once the roof structure is in-place, an underlayment is directly applied over it, which is a material that is waterproof and functions as a protector of the roof structure from the harsh weather condition. Most common roof underlayment are made up of any of these main types, but are basically composed of asphalt, these are: the felt paper asphalt underlayment, which is basically made up of asphalt, cellulose, and polyester; the synthetic underlayment which is a combination of the asphalt underlayment with fibreglass to make the material stable and resistant from the wear and tear; and the rubberized underlayment, which is still made up of asphalt and with combination of rubber polymer and with a special design that has a sticky, protective back membrane that functions as a waterproof sealant between the roof deck and the underlayment.

It is not enough to install underlayment in the roofing system since there are areas in the roof structure that can only be protected and sealed well by using roof flashing, which functions as a sealer between roof joints to prevent water leaking through the roof. The galvanized sheet metal is known to be the most preferred roof flashing material, while the aluminium and copper can also serve well as a flashing material sealer. There are many ways of installing roof flashing according to the areas on the roof deck, such as step flashing around the sides of the roof, chimney flashing, and saddle flashing around the top, but the measure used in installing roof flashing is by soldering.

The last components in the roofing system that covers the underlayment are the roof shingles or roof tiles, which is made up of sturdy materials, like concrete, metal, or a good kind of wood, asphalt, clay, rubber, slate, because they are usually directly exposed to all kinds of inclement weather conditions. Since the main function of roof shingles is to prevent any water leaking through the roof structure, they are usually designed as either flat or curved and installed by interlocking or overlapping with each other and they also come in many forms according to cost, weight, durability, color and style.

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The Ultimate Guide to Businesses

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