Most Expensive RVs In The World

When you think of RV rentals you most likely imagine the types of models you see at your local dealer. Your average road tripper with the average budget has only seen the standard models by the regular brands. When fabulously rich individuals and celebrities are involved, however, there is a bottomless amount of cash to spend on customized features. Some of these models can cost as much as a house, with some of them costing in the millions of dollars range and coming complete with different floors, massive custom interiors, and added necessities such as cocktail lounges and flat screen TVs. These RVs are used by famous actors on set, by major touring bands and misicians, and by the wealthy and famous who want to take a road trip or camp out on location or on set. Of course most of us will never be able to experience this level of luxury in an RV, but if you wanted to take a look at how the other half lives then take a look at these most expensive RVs in the world and dare to dream.

Foretravel ih-45

This is one of the best handling RVs and comes complete with a huge amount of features such as fully reduced road noise and central air throughout the interior. This model can also be fully personalized according to the owner’s tastes and standards, which is why there is a 1.3 million dollar price tag in effect for this unbelievable RV.

Marathon Coach

The Marathon is truly a mansion on wheels that will be the envy of the road, especially when you factor in the choice designer features such as a sleek sliding expansion that makes the interior instantly larger, interior touchscreen control panels throughout the vehicle and keypad entry, a full fireplace, elegant leather furniture, and polished wooden floors.

EleMMent Palazzo

This is by far the most expensive luxury motor home in the world. With its unique look and incredibly luxurious features, it isn’t hard to see why. The exteriors come in white or gold and the camper features glow in the dark paint and retractable steps, not to mention one of the most unique and well designed layouts available.

Newell Coach

This full tilt luxurious motorhome is 45 feet long and made by the famous Oklahoma RV company, Newell Coach, who have long been renowned for their high end coaches. This model comes with so many amenities and so much room that you could comfortably live in one permanently. The price tag is a cool 1.7 million. This coach is so high end that it won’t be found at any RV rentals dealerships. It’s direct buyers only for Newell Coach, which makes sense when you consider the quality of these models.

Biscayne Vantare

This 2.3 million dollar vehicle can drive as fast as a Ferrari. It also features custom leather seats, high end and energy saving LED lights, and a flashy exterior made specifically to impress. It won’t be hard to see why so many celebrities, athletes, and musicians have invested in this model.

Fairfax Edition

Liberty Coach in Florida has long been well known for their forward thinking and luxurious RV models, but with this Fairfax they have really taken this concept to the next level This model comes with a 2.2 million dollar price tag. It is airbrushed to the owner’s standards on the exterior and the interior is fully programmed through iPads. Features include heated flooring, full central air, LED lights, and an entertainment center.

Prevost H3

The Prevost will set you back 1.6 million, which makes sense since it comes complete with a range of custom features and the most floor space of any RV currently on the market. It features 360 degree windows, stunning hardwood floors, and a fully customized interior made to suit the tastes of the owner.

Millennium Luxury Coaches

With the Millennium your 2.3 million dollars will go toward incredible customized craftsmanship. Every inch of the brown and crème themed luxury interior is fully custom made, including hanging mirrors and metallic wallpaper that make this one of the most comfortable interiors in any RV.

Newmar King Aire 4553

This high end model includes a top quality sound system, massive bedroom, and a plush interior rich in incredible detail. This is one of the smoothest rides on the market with cruise control, lane change warnings, and reduced road bumps and noise. Coming in at 1 million in price, the Newmar is definitely a high standard in luxury RVs.

Those on normal budgets who stick with regular brand RV rentals may not be used to the type of luxury and features these plush RVs provide, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a comfortable and great looking RV at any local dealer. Nearly all of the major RV brands have affordable models that allow you to ride in comfort and style without having to dish out millions of dollars to do so.

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