Language and Activity Courses Around the World

Whether you want to learn Spanish and the tango go skiing and learn German or enjoy manga while learning Japanese, learning how to communicate in another language in its native country helps to increase your skills and helps you learn the culture as well. Let us take a look at the following areas and how you can use extracurricular fun courses to learn the language better.

China – Mandarin with Various Activities

At Hutong School, you will receive four hours of lessons, including one to one tutorials. The courses in Mandarin are in Hangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai. The two-week course includes four activities each week, including skiing, a visit to hot springs, cooking and tai chi. Additionally, you will have to option to explore China further during the weekends on excursions.

French – Horseback Riding, Provence

CESA is a company that has language schools around the world. CESA has wonderful courses in Aix-en-Provence at a mansion. You will receive two weeks of lessons along with horseback riding, hiking, oenology (the study of wine), painting, and cooking (20 group lessons a week). Students will live with a host family during their stay. The school will arrange activities for the students, including tours of the town and petanque contests.

Buenos Aires – Spanish and Tango

Caledonia is filled with culture, adventure, and language skills. You can learn to speak Spanish and learn the tango in beautiful Buenos Aires. The course includes 20 group Spanish lessons, 2 group tango lessons and a private tango lesson. They offer select dates for beginners. Additionally, accommodations can be added if you are also looking for holidays to Salta, beginning at 270 Euros for a self-catered, shared apartment.

Ibiza – Spanish and DJing

This course is very different from a typical classroom setting for learning a language. In Ibiza, students will learn to speak Spanish while learning to DJ. The lessons can be custom tailored based on the student’s level. There are also two DJ courses – one for beginners and one for advanced students. You can choose from either a one-week or a two-week course. The courses are designed for people wanting to learn Ableton Live Traktor. Pacha DJs direct the electronic music production course. In the summer, students will enjoy weekend trips to nearby Mallorca.

Lefkada – Greek and Culture

Omilo offers Greek Courses in Nafplion, Athens and the islands of Lefkada and Syros. The course at Lefkada is often considered one of the most appealing ones. The classes are in Agios Nikitas village located 200 metres from the west coast beach. The course is a week long and includes 24 hours of lessons done over a six-day period. There are no classes on Wednesdays. Students will enjoy four or more activities, including a guided hike, a Greek dance lesson, and traditional music talk. You will also get a welcome meal at the village’s taverna. In order to participate in this course, you must be 26 years old or older.

Tetouan, Morocco – Arabic and Moroccan Cooking offers language courses around the world from Scandinavia to South America. One of the most unusual courses is the Moroccan and Arabic cooking courses located in northern Morocco in Tetouan. This weeklong course includes four 55-minute Arabic lessons daily along with two 90-minute cooking classes where you will learn how to make pastilla, harira, couscous, and tagine. Tetouan is a Hispano-Moorish city that has a world heritage listed medina. It is located at the base of the Rif Mountains is not too far from the sea.

Fukuoka – Japanese and Pop Culture

Do you want to learn Japanese and combine it with a pop culture course? Cactus Language offers 120 different course destinations, including Fukuoka, which is the largest city on Japan’s southern main island, Kyushu. Lessons are Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. You will not only learn the language but will also learn about music, movies, television, books, and manga. There is also a course that teaches you about traditional Japanese culture where you will learn about Japanese food, kimonos, tea ceremonies, ceramics, calligraphy, and other Japanese customs.

Austria – German and Skiing

DIT is a school specializing in the German language at the Kitzbuhel resort in the Tyrolean Alps. This is where one of the world championship downhill ski races takes place. The course is a one-week intensive course with lessons in the morning only. This allows students to enjoy skiing in the afternoon. The ski season is from November to April. In the summer, students can enjoy tennis and hiking.

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