How to Save Money on a Destination Wedding

If your dream is to have a destination wedding, thinking about how expensive it might turn out to be can whisk the idea right out of your mind. Fortunately, you don’t have to drain your account or rob a bank to have your dream wedding. With a few money saving tips, you will be on your way to Mombasa, Malibu or wherever it is that you desire to be for your big day.

Go for an all-inclusive package

The idea may look uninspired but it is one of the best measures to predict your expenses and keep your budget in check. It doesn’t have to be cookie-cut though, you can have some customized inclusions to make it a bit more special for you. Check out the reviews of people who have used the packages and work directly with your provider to ensure that you get all the details concerning the package.

Use a venue that requires little or no décor

What is the idea of choosing a destination wedding if you will have to decorate from scratch? Take advantage of sceneries with beaches, natural landscape, flower gardens etc. to create an exotic mood and save yourself some décor expenses in the process.

Some resorts may have their own decorations that they don’t mind sharing for free. These may include cultural artefacts and holiday decorations among others. Find out about this beforehand to incorporate them into your décor.

Book off-peak season

Getting married during holidays like valentines and Christmas may be exciting. However, if you are looking to cut cost, going off-season is your best bet. Rates on accommodation and other expenses are definitely lower at such times.

Most people do their weddings on Saturdays. Weekends are peak times for many destinations. Doing your wedding on a weekday will significantly reduce your expenses.

Some off-peak times are known to coincide with harsh weather. In such instances, choosing a place that does not require tenting is another great tip. The cost of renting, lighting and mounting tents may escalate your budget. A venue with a shaded area on the other hand may help just in case of bad weather.

Planning Ahead

Lack of planning can ruin your destination wedding experience. Overseas destinations can be very expensive even for trivialities like sunscreen for tourists (you). Avoid these overpriced items by packing your own toiletries and other effects which you can buy from your local dollar store.

Most resorts and hotels will be on hand to provide or arrange travel and group excursions to different sites. The service will however come at a high price especially when booked on the last day. Deciding on such activities well in advance can help you go for competitive rates from travel and tour companies operating near the resort.

Go for Group Packages

A wedding party presents a good bargaining chip when it comes to cheaper or discounted flights. Let your party be ready to pay at a moment’s notice then task your local travel agency to be on the lookout for low cost flights.

Bargain for discounts on rooms occupied by your group. Hotels typically offer a free room depending on the number of rooms booked as a package. Also go for ones that come with a ‘plus free breakfast’ tag. Breakfast may cost a few dollars but when hosting 10-20 people for a few days, every buck counts

Utilizing Local Talent

Having to fly in wedding planners, florists, bakers etc. can prove very costly, no matter how good they are. Find out what other services your destination resort offers other than accommodation. Most will have wedding planners plus other local talents who will offer their services at cheaper prices.

You will at least have something to say about the local people once you are back home; after all the idea of a destination wedding is to enjoy the foreign experience and not to impose your own culture and standards.

Proper money saving measures can help you realize your dreams of a destination wedding. However, this requires a lot of advance planning, consultation with service providers and people involved in planning the wedding, and coordination with your guests. It is actually easier than it sounds; the above tips give you somewhere to start.

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