Five Invaluable Tips for First-Time Travelers to Ireland

Have you been dreaming about visiting the Emerald Isle of Ireland? Have you made the decision that the time is now, and you’re ready to experience all the country has to offer in one spectacular trip? First-time travelers to Ireland tend to have a pretty big list of things they want to do, see, and experience, but without a little advanced planning, unfortunately the trip may not go as planned. Because you have a limited amount of time to visit, you obviously want to make the very best of every moment.

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With that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and put together five invaluable tips meant for first-time travelers heading to Ireland. These will help ensure that your trip goes smoothly from start to finish, and that it’s all you hoped it would be.

Book a Tour Package

One of the best ways to ensure that you see the highlights of Ireland is to book a guided tour package. The benefits in going this route is that someone else looks after all the planning, transportation, scheduling, and knows what the “must see” attractions are.

Take, for example, the tours and packages offered through Go Irish Tours (found at They offer coach tours with some of the very best guides the country has to offer and also chauffeur tours. Another unique option is the self-drive tour meant for those who don’t want the responsibility of planning, but like the idea of independence. These tours provide you with a car, an itinerary, and the accommodations are planned for you.

Visit at the Best Time of Year

You also want to give thought to when you plan on visiting Ireland. While you can certainly visit all year round, the weather tends to be the best from April through to early October. After early October many sites and attractions will be closed, so you may miss out on a lot of what you had hoped to see.

Be Open to Trying the Local Cuisine

Another tip for travelers is to be open to sampling the Irish local cuisine. Really, this can be said of any destination as it’s a way to get a real sense of the local culture. Rather than visiting all the tourist trap restaurants, ask the locals where they eat. Typically, there is a lot of emphasis on eating fresh, locally grown/produced foods.

Plenty of Free Attractions and Sites

Experts also recommend that you do your research in advance as Ireland is absolutely filled with sites and attractions that are free to visit. This can help make the trip a lot more affordable.

Choose a Hotel that Is Centrally Located

Now when it comes to booking your accommodation, often people tend to focus on the price, which is understandable, but also be aware of the location. By booking a centrally located hotel, you will be making your life a whole lot easier as it will make getting around faster, easier, and cheaper.

Each of these tips is designed to help you have the very best experience when you visit Ireland for the first time.

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