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The Importance of Personal Training

Fitness training incorporates three aspects. Endurance, movement and strength are the three important aspects of personal training. Different sports and events demand you to put much emphasis on a particular aspect. These areas of training may depend on each other hence you cannot avoid one if you wish to accomplish another area successfully. Marathon runner cannot focus on endurance training without looking at both mobility and strength training. To increase the stamina of your body; sufficient oxygen amount should be present in the body. The heart and the lungs work in coordination to supply oxygen. The cardiac muscles become stronger through endurance and in turn, become useful in pumping of blood. Adipose tissues can also provide energy after metabolism that is aided by oxygen. If you continue with this form of training, the heart grows much stronger leading to increased levels of endurance for sustained periods of vigorous activity.

All weightlifters wish to become much stronger than before. Strength is obtained through weight resistance work. As you continue lifting weights, you acquire the ability to do extra things. You can lift weight as you breathe in oxygen to supply the muscles with oxygen or even without oxygen supply. Repeated lifting of lighter weights helps to improve endurance. Strength training requires consistent lifting of heavier weights. Strong individuals rarely gets tired easily. Metabolic rate of the body increases due to strength training. Muscles require to be supplied with energy and protein to increase in size. Strong individuals rarely sustain injuries. Osteoporosis comes with age or other factors such as hyperthyroidism which can be maintained by lifting weights.

It is good to start with light training every time you are working out. High intensity training increases blood pressure rapidly and can be fatal. If you are not sure of your medical health status, you should not hesitate consulting your doctor before any training regime is started. When you are training, you should yearn to remain as flexible as possible. Do not forget to stretch your body parts when carrying out training as you improve your flexibility as well as lessening the levels of injuries sustained. Before stretching it is always advisable to have a minimum of 10-15 minutes of warming up. The mechanism behind this is that, muscles that have warmed up can be extended more easily without unnecessary strains. Yoga is a very nice exercise that incorporates both stretching and strength-improvement. Training programs are healthy for our bodies.

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