Plan your trip to Myanmar with this list of places to visit must

Myanmar is a stupendous nation and, full to the overflow of popular sights, it stole a bit of our souls the minute we ventured off the Plane and arrived into the insane, magnificent and moving nation. There are some mind boggling places to visit Myanmar: from venturing back in time at Inle Lake to the disorganized illustrious capital of Yangon to the breathtaking Bagan sanctuary Plain, Myanmar stays as one of South East Asia’s shrouded pearls. Find more information about Myanmar on

Picking a Route

Picking a Route will be an essential Part of your Myanmar agenda and not only for the typical Reasons – productivity of Travel, Packing in the sights you need to see – Myanmar just opened up to Tourism moderately Recently and this has two ramifications for your schedule.

To start with, there are still Parts of Myanmar that you can’t, as a … Read the rest

The Top Places in the World for Wild Boar Hunting

If you’re an avid hunter and you’re looking to head out in search of wild boar, then you may be ready to expand your horizons and step outside of the United States. While there are a number of states that offer boar hunting opportunities such as Hawaii, California, and South Carolina, there is an added challenge by stepping outside of your comfort zone and hunting in a different country.

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So, which countries are known for wild boar hunting? There are actually a few that stand out for offering excellent hunting opportunities and experiences. Here’s a look at just a couple.


One of the premier places for wild boar hunting is in Italy. The fact that you can find a professional wild boar hunting experience through an outfitter like Rainsford Hunting and then go on to tour Italy on your own makes this an ideal destination. Here, … Read the rest

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