The Top Places in the World for Wild Boar Hunting

If you’re an avid hunter and you’re looking to head out in search of wild boar, then you may be ready to expand your horizons and step outside of the United States. While there are a number of states that offer boar hunting opportunities such as Hawaii, California, and South Carolina, there is an added challenge by stepping outside of your comfort zone and hunting in a different country.

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So, which countries are known for wild boar hunting? There are actually a few that stand out for offering excellent hunting opportunities and experiences. Here’s a look at just a couple.


One of the premier places for wild boar hunting is in Italy. The fact that you can find a professional wild boar hunting experience through an outfitter like Rainsford Hunting and then go on to tour Italy on your own makes this an ideal destination. Here, … Read the rest

Skilled Choice For Your Louisiana Traveling

The new travel policy for fiscal 12 months 2016-2017 has been published and can be found on State Purchase Office and Travel web pages. New Orleans: the greatest metropolis and luxury vacation spot. New Orleans & surrounding towns, bayous, Mississippi decline. Visit Louisiana Tradition in the north similar to Mississippi, Arkansas, and East Texas. Cajun Acadiana Cultural Center, with typical food and music. Get updates with the latest deals and weekly travel evaluations.

See below how others share their passion for Louisiana to inspire your next visit. Louisiana is thought of for a typical past history, oil/gas and seafood empires, music, a variety of cultural makeup, including Cajun culture in Southwest Louisiana and the dominant Creole tradition, wetlands, swamps, bayous and sugar and cotton plantations. next to the waterway.

Individuals who are not from the South must understand that the humidity can make it feel hotter than it really is. … Read the rest

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