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All you need to Know about GHS SDS in one pack.

It seem very easy to comply with GHS norms on the face of it. However, when it comes to its implementation, it can be a very involving task especially for those that were not initiated.

GHS SDS must be prepared if any chemical or formulation is deemed hazardous according to various classes. It is the exporter , dealer or importer who prepares the GHS SDS if the chemical matches with the cutoff value of hazard in their classification. Each chemical should have the appropriate GHS SDS if it falls in the class of acute toxicity with a concentration limit of 1% For those chemicals that affect the reproductive organs or are carcinogenic their cut off is just 0.1% The format for this forms are standardized but one has to make sure that they comply with all the sections provided beginning from identification to stability and their control and everything founs in between. When it is only one chemical to decide, it becomes very easy. The task may however become very complicated if it is a formulation and one may need the help of a professional to help them out.

Preparation of the safety data sheet involves the inclusion of minimum information as regards GHS product identifier, use of the chemical and restrictions along with hazard classification. You may find manufacturers hesitating to share their chemical compositions but it is a requirement by law that has to be met and they should involve experts in this field while doing this.
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The contents should be put down in a simple language that is devoid of all ambiguities. Professionals involved in the preparation of data sheets are fully aware of the pitfalls of language use and know how to avoid them so as to make the contents precisely clear regardless of geographic locations and language usage in various countries. Some geographic regions, do not use English and they will know that they need to translate it. For instance when an American company sells to Far east regions. The other important reason why you should hire a professional is that they can do the translations alongside English.
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Not all countries have adopted GHS in the same way. It is not obligatory for countries to compulsorily follow the set of recommendations. In most European sountries, other norms have been added to support the GHS SDS. It is therefore a requirement that when selling goods to the European Union an additional document need to be signed to show compliance to their additional norms. Over 65 countries have adopted GHS recommendations in part or full and they may also have their own regulations. Of paramount importance is to hire an expert to compile a country data sheets.

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